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Palm Springs Art Museum to offer free admission 2007-08-16
Sotheby's Says Landlord 2007-08-16
Dresden Museum First to Clone Itself Online 2007-08-16
Solo Exhibition of Lei Min's New Paintings 2007-08-16
The News Conference of "Pan-Sculpture Art Expo 2007" Has Been Held in Beijing 2007-08-16
Zhang Fangbai's Solo Exhibtion 2007-08-16
The Other Claude Chabrol 2007-08-16
Walking up to "Post On-Site" - Photograph Exhibition of Chen Jiagang, Qu Yan and He Chongyue 2007-08-16
Art in General at the USB Galleries 2007-08-16
Photography Teaches Me to be Humble by Zhou Tao 2007-08-16
Sotheby's Debt Ratings Get Boost 2007-08-16
Flashing Body - Peng Qi Oil painting Exhibition 2007-08-16
Lovely Impressions of Raleigh's art museum 2007-08-15
Italy: Moscow museum loans paintings for show 2007-08-15
Away From Home By Becca Martin 2007-08-15
Labor Day Antiques Fair at Lasdon Park 2007-08-15
Rarity, beauty key to rugs By Christie Phillips 2007-08-15
Arnot Art Museum gets grant By Star-Gazette 2007-08-15
"Bird's Nest" Designer Blasts Beijing Olympics Celebration 2007-08-15
City questions museum's plan for parkland By Don Worthington 2007-08-14
Toward a more user-friendly Israel Museum By Steven Erlanger 2007-08-14
Botswana: Awesome Three Mount Art Exhibition By Gasebalwe Seretse 2007-08-14
Denver museum focuses on exhibits By ROBERT WELLER 2007-08-14
Marine Museum's Art For Kids Program Has Openings 2007-08-14
Free WiFi at Tacoma Art Museum 2007-08-14
Why Gap founder Fisher decided to build his own art museum By Julian Guthrie 2007-08-14
In the mood for abstract - Austrian & Chinese Abstract Art Exhibition 2007-08-14
What's the time? - the Interactive Exhibition 2007-08-14
Modern Liuli Art - 2007 Faculty and Student Exhibition 2007-08-14
The ink-and-wash Painting Exhibition 2007-08-14
Scenery and Figure - Wang Daishan & Xiao Fangkai Oil Painting Art Show 2007-08-14
Echoes & Reflections 2007-08-14
Art 101: First Pay the Rent, and then Paint by Zhang Qian 2007-08-14
French Experts to Help Develop Island Louvre in Gulf 2007-08-14
Wisdom of Crowds - The first Shanghai eArts Festival 2007-08-14
W.Va. Collection exhibits states Lincoln links By J. MILES LAYTON,AP 2007-08-13
Man Who Forgot Collection for 14 Years Shows up to Reclaim It, Pockets £70,000 2007-08-13
Picasso Heist Suspects under Formal Investigation 2007-08-13
"Uffizi Expansion Goes Ahead Despite Florentine Opposition" by Peter Popham for The Independent 2007-08-13
Sarah Sze - Elizabeth Fodde-Reguer 2007-08-13
Museum places 1806 clock in Maine governor's mansion 2007-08-12
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Gov. Phil Bredesen played with modeling clay and toured an art supply stor 2007-08-12
ERIE, Pa. (AP) - The Erie Art Museum's planned expansion is on hold because of a lack of state fun By WILL YORK,AP 2007-08-12
Philadelphia Art Museum expansion highlights 2007-08-12
London's Big Ben Falls Silent By RAPHAEL G. SATTER,AP 2007-08-12
Early Twentieth Century British Wood Engraving 2007-08-12
Record Times: 40 Years From the MCA Archive 2007-08-12
Bruno Liberatore Sculpture and Drawings 2007-08-12
Sun Guojuan's Solo Exhibition (1984 - 2007) 2007-08-12
Artisan Designs Teapots to Bless Olympics 2007-08-12
Gap Founders Propose Contemporary Museum for San Francisco 2007-08-12
Picasso Thieves Were on Verge of Sale: Police 2007-08-12
Southeast Asian Contemporary Art 2007-08-12
Exposition Invitation De Jeune Artists Hinois-Francais,2007 2007-08-12
Green Idea, Green Hope 2007-08-12
First-ever Bob Dylan Art Show Bound for Eastern Germany 2007-08-12
Art Rocks 2007-08-12
Creation Art Gallery September Solo Exhibition 2007-08-11
Wolfgang Tillmans 2007-08-11
Looking to Partner with Art Entity Abroad for Exchange 2007-08-11
Love Protection 2007-08-11
Crocker antique show announced By Darrell Todd Maurina 2007-08-11
Messaging Is the Medium By David Ng 2007-08-11
"The Offer-You-Can't-Refuse Market" By Milton Esterow 2007-08-11

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